How To Bake A Pike

Cooking pike

After you’ve caught and filleted your pike, it’s time to cook it.  Technically, when you’ve filleted it, you can freeze it.  This is useful if you don’t fish often and want to eat the catch over several weeks.  However, fresh pike tastes much better, and it’s so much more satisfying to catch and eat an extremely fresh fish on the day you catch it.
People have been eating pike for generations; and I’ll be posting a few tasty suggestions of how to cook this fish on the site
The first suggestion is the really healthy option: Baked Pike.  It’s simple, good for you (depending on how much butter you use), and still tasty.  You’ll want to grab a large piece of tin foil (by cooking it inside the foil, the fish will cook more evenly).
  • Before touching the fish, spread a knob of butter over the middle of foil.  You can experiment with what to include with the fish, but sprinkling chopped onions and mushrooms on top of the butter is always good.  But green peppers and garlic can also be good additions.
  • Place the fillet of pike on top of the vegetables and spread more butter on top of the fillet (all the butter is where this dish is let down health wise…  If you’d prefer, you can substitute olive oil, but in honesty, it does taste better with butter).
  • Season as desired – salt and pepper is usually good, along with lemon juice.
  • Place more vegetables on top and firmly wrap everything in the foil.
  • Place this in the oven at a medium temperature for 10 to 15 minutes.  Ensure the pike is thoroughly cooked before serving.
This is a great meal that can be served with more vegetables (carrots, green beans, whatever you’d like) and potatoes.  If you’re a wine drinker (although I’m not), I’m told this goes well with a nice white.  When you’ve tried this recipe, do try the other suggestions in the cooking section.