Funny article about fishing in World of Warcraft, by Tim Losee

Nowdays a lot of people prefer virtual reality , instead of real world and the beauty of real nature.  Thats sucks I think. So many games about fishing or hunting, virtual realities like Second Life or WoW... what's next?
 Found an artice about "moden fishing". So let it be here..

Many times people will forget about fishing, and pass it off as a silly profession with no real use. These people are missing out on one of the funniest and most lucrative aspects about World of Warcraft. There is a need for all different types of fish, so theoretically you could fish in one spot over and over and make a good deal of money from the things you catch. It actually can be very relaxing, similar to real life fishing.

Florida fishing guides, fishing reports, saltwater boat ramp maps: Shad & Crappie Derby 2011 Update

Florida fishing guides, fishing reports, saltwater boat ramp maps: Shad & Crappie Derby 2011 Update: The seminars were carried out on the water using a Mosquito Bay Skiff as the stage, and they covered both conventional and fly fishing techniques for shad. After the seminars, a fund raising raffle supporting the Hook Kids on Fishing was held, and thanks to our generous sponsors, anglers were rewarded with armloads of tackle and prizes.

Russian Fishing...

Just Look like they catch fish -))

Tuna Conservations

At its late November meeting, the International commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna agreed to ban the harvest of oceanic whitetip sharks, increase restrictions on hammerheads and devise a meant to punish counties that float accurate catch reporting, and approved catch reductions on shorfin marco sharks. The mako reductions won't start, however, until 2013 due to objections by Japan, China and Korea. ICCAT declined to prohibit the taking of common thresher and porbeagle sharks under pressure from Canada. Attempts to outlaw harvesting shark fins at sea failed for the second yea in a row when Japan opposed the ban.
At the same ICCAT meeting, the United States suggested a 3-to-5 year ban on bluefin fishing in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea over concern that the stock might collapse if current overfishing continues. No action was taken on this,however.
The U.S. delegation helped push through continued measures requiring release of live Atlantic marlin from longline vessels as well as quotas on commercial landings. The Billfish Foundation's Ellen Peel lauds these measures as creating "the 1st positive increase in white marlin stocks in moe than three decades." In addition, the U.S. successfully urged an extension of north Atlantic swordfish conservation rules for another year.
Back in 2006, ICCAT scientists had recommended a maximum catch limit of 15000 metric tons in those areas. ICCAT passed a 29.000 metric-ton quota for 2007, nearly twice the scientifically recommended level. However, due to less-than-effective reporting methods, combined with outright illegal fishing, an estimated 20.500 additional tons of bluefin tuna were harvested.

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NOAA Changes Course on Red Snapper Closures

South Atlantic recreational anglers can beathe a collective sigh of releif over the news that NOAA plans to delay implemention of its mammoth planned clousures to all bottomfishing for at least six months. This clousure, a management tool designed to spur red snapper stock recovery, was questioned both by scientists and fishery conversation organizations such as the Coastal Conservation Association, when government assessments showed red snapper stocks to be far healthier than NOAA previously claimed. Chester Brewer, chairman of CCA's National Relations Committee, says: "The supposed best science that we had two years ago nearly shut down the entire South Atlantic to bottomfishing, and today it appears we don't need that. Yet we still have a closed red snapper fishery and a great deal of confusion and mistrust in the recreational angling community." Brewer continues:"No other wildlife resources are managed in such a haphazard manner".

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Big fisherman New Orleans

Not long ago I visited New Orleans and stopped by BIG FISHERMAN SEAFOOD. Well, I was really impressed by the kitchen. If you come there , try not to miss out Big fisherman New Orleans. They offer fresh seafood daily, hot boiled crawfish, various fish dishes, gumbo crabs, oysters , shimp and even alligator meat! Crawfish are bomb. Best crawfish I ever tasted. Don't mind that it's a kind of advertisment, but the restaraunt is awesome. You can find them at 3301 Magazine street, New Orleans LA. Phone: 504-897-9907
Bon Appétit !

And here is some info for you if you decide to make boiled crawfish by yourself. It can be even more tastier than in "Big fisherman New Orleans" :)

Kevin Van Dam, Bassmaster Classic 2011 , INTERVIEW

BassBabyTV 's quick interview with KVD, awesome guy! Thanks alot Kevin!

Kevin VanDam - 4th Bassmaster Classic victory !

Kevin VanDam tied event records by winning his second consecutive Bassmaster Classic and his 4th overall.
He had a catch of 28 pounds Sunday to finish with a Classic-record three-day total of 69 pounds, 11 ounces and claim the $500,000 top prize. He tied Rick Clunn for most Classic titles and most consecutive.  Congrats Kevin.