Commercial Fisherman Jobs

Are you a true fisherman and looking for a job of your life? Commercial Fishing Jobs are for you!

If you want to work in the fishing industry , this article may help you in your fishing employment. There are great paying Commercial Fisherman Jobs waiting for you in commercial fishing industry :

 Working aboard commercial fishing vessel (salmon, tuna or halibut fishing boats or crab fishing vessels) as a Fisher (Fishers usually acquire their occupational skills on the job. There are no formal academic training requirements.)
  The fishing boat captain (you need skills and experience)
The captain ensures that the fishing vessel is seaworthy; oversees the purchase of supplies, gear, and equipment, such as fuel, netting, and cables; obtains the required fishing permits and licenses; and hires qualified crew members and assigns their duties. The captain plots the vessel's course using compasses, charts, and electronic navigational equipment, such as loran systems or GPS navigation systems. Captains also use radar and sonar to avoid obstacles above and below the water and to detect fish. Sophisticated tracking technology allows captains to better locate schools of fish. The captain directs the fishing operation through subordinate officers' and records daily activities in the ship's log. In port, the captain sells the catch to wholesalers, food processors, or through a fish auction and ensures that each crew member receives the prearranged portion of the proceeds. Captains increasingly use the Internet to bypass processors and sell fish directly to consumers, grocery stores, and restaurants often even before they return to port.
 The first mate (captain's assistant ) Must be familiar with navigation requirements and the operation of all electronic equipment.
 The boatswain. Highly experienced deckhand with supervisory responsibilities, directs the deckhands as they carry out the sailing and fishing operations. Before departure, the deckhands load equipment and supplies. When necessary, boatswains repair fishing gear, equipment, nets, and accessories. They operate the fishing gear, letting out and pulling in nets and lines, and extract the catch, such as cod, flounder, and tuna, from the nets or the lines' hooks. Deckhands use dip nets to prevent the escape of small fish and gaffs to facilitate the landing of large fish. They then wash, salt, ice, and stow away the catch. Deckhands also must ensure that decks are clear and clean at all times and that the vessel's engines and equipment are kept in good working order
...and lot's of more.

Earnings & Wages for commercial fishing jobs are :
Salmon fishermen can earn up to $10,000 to $20,000 in three months
Cannery & processor workers can earn up to $5,000 per month
Deck hands can earn up to $10,000 per month fishing for cod, halibut, and pollock
Crab fishermen can earn up to $15,000 per month

You should know that these job opportunities you are looking for,  may bring you income from $2,000 to $3,000 per month, up to $10,000 - $20,000 or more monthly, but you will work under various environmental conditions, depending on the region, body of water, and the kind of species sought . And that can be dangerous!
Storms, fog, and wind may hamper fishing vessels or cause them to suspend fishing operations and return to port. In relatively busy fisheries, boats have to take care to avoid collisions. Fishers and fishing vessel operators work under some of the most hazardous conditions of any occupation, and transportation to a hospital or doctor often is not readily available when injuries occur. So all crew members must be in good health and possess physical strength. You should be able to work under difficult or dangerous conditions when it is necessary to operate, maintain, and repair equipment and fishing gears.
Commercial fishing is rated as one of the most hazardous occupations in America.

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Commercial Fishing is a very challenging and rewarding industry to work in, you will be tested physically and mentally daily so if you like a challenge being pushed to your limits this is the industry for you.