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Nowdays a lot of people prefer virtual reality , instead of real world and the beauty of real nature.  Thats sucks I think. So many games about fishing or hunting, virtual realities like Second Life or WoW... what's next?
 Found an artice about "moden fishing". So let it be here..

Many times people will forget about fishing, and pass it off as a silly profession with no real use. These people are missing out on one of the funniest and most lucrative aspects about World of Warcraft. There is a need for all different types of fish, so theoretically you could fish in one spot over and over and make a good deal of money from the things you catch. It actually can be very relaxing, similar to real life fishing.

Besides gold there are several other reasons to take up the art of fishing. Fishing provides you with so many different things including achievements, materials for powerful food recipes, mounts and so much more. World of Warcraft is all about making your character faster, stronger, smarter, etc. Fishing has many ways to help you increase your character's abilities. While you level your fishing, make sure to level your cooking skills as well. The two are so closely related that leveling them separately makes it twice as hard.
Out of all the professions, fishing is the easiest, but takes the most time. You have a lot of different ways to increase your skill level. Once you have a pole to fish with you can fish in any body of water to increase your skill level, but doing that over and over again in one spot can become very tiresome!
3 thousand fish and four hours will be what you need to do to accomplish your max level of fishing skills. I don't want to dishearten you by this, I simply want to be up front with you and tell you that it will be somewhat time consuming to raise your fishing skills to their max. As you continue to fish, you will find many different interesting things, and accomplish many different achievements while you level.
If you choose to, you can easily just sit in one spot and fish all day long. But that would take forever and you would be fishing for a lot longer than 4 hours. Within the game there are lures designed to help you increase your skills as a fisherman. These lures can give you an added number of skill points to what you already have earned. Not only will it help you level up faster; it will also help you catch more fish rather than junk. These fish that you catch will give you materials to level up your cooking skills too.
If you pay close enough attention then you will find several fishing poles that you can earn or buy that will add onto your skill level similar to lures. As the level of fishing poles increase, so too will the skill points that they add to your fishing.
Lastly, there are a few different types of armor that can help you also level your skills. Don't think of them as armor really (I would never wear them during a fight) but more of a piece of clothing that helps add to your skill level.
If you have all them you can use a lure on a specialty fishing pole while you wear a piece of gear that increases your skill in fishing. When it comes to other professions you are only able to use one item to help aid in your leveling plan, but not when it comes to fishing.
If you dare, you can attempt to complete all of the fishing achievements. This is difficult because there are a lot of them and many of them are very difficult. Achievements are not for everyone, in fact many people feel that they are meaningless. Some players are obsessed with them, going out of their way, spending time and gold to gain achievements that really gain nothing for their character. Either way you look at achievements you can see that you can gain a lot from them.
The neutral cities of Shatrath and Dalaran hold fishing dailies in which you can gain fish, gear and even lures. All there to help you level your fishing. The dailes have a great deal of items that they grant you that you can sell for high amounts of gold.
It takes a great deal of patience and time to get your fishing skill to the maximum level, but in the end the rewards will far out way the hard times. If you are a casual player, you may not feel like spending your time leveling fishing, but if you are a hardcore player than leveling your fishing is a must do!
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It's up to you to decide, where to catch the fish of you dream. In the game, or in the sea.

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