Navigators we use. Furuno 1650.

Navigators on the lookout for the latest in multifunction displays need to look at the Furuno MU series. These units offer high-definition screens in 15 and 19 inch sizes and provide a wide range of interfacing options. Naturally they can play nice with black-box fish finders, radar and automatic Identification System features, but Feruno also equipped the MUs to handle entertainment and monitoring systems. You'll find inputs for RGB DVI and NTSC\PAL, givind you the oppurtunity to watch everything from water world to underwater fish cams, right at the helm.
The MU series uses backlit color LCD for screens, and both models feature built-in scaling. The MU190HD has a SXGA screen with 1290 by 1024 pixels, and the MU150HD has an XGA screen with 1024 by 768 pixels. Each unit also has the ability to display a customizable picture-in-picture, so you won't miss one moment of the big game, even as you keep an eye on thet baitball 50 feet below the surface. But the price for these new devices is too high for me . It is about $6,400 for the MU150HD and $7,400 for MU190HD

So nowdays I still use Furuno 1650. It is compact, waterproof and durable. I use it for about 7 years and it still works good for me.